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I Only Speak Truth
I Regret Nothing
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29th-Jul-2012 11:47 pm(no subject)
riku: coming to
due to unforeseen circumstances, Shawn (the bookkeeper at work that trained me) has been terminated from work and now I am the store's head bookkeeper. I've been dealing with this change for the last three weeks, I've learned a lot, but mostly that it's a very stressful underpaid position. I really like doing books a few days of the week, getting off early, doing the same busy work and being able to leave once I'm finished, but it's just far too much responsibility to take on to be the Head Bookkeeper. Unfortunately, I have to deal until they find a new head bookkeeper OR I find a new job. Today, I worked my first Sunday with books, it wasn't too bad, I had to print some extra reports blah blah blah. I think I did something wrong but oh well, better luck next time.

I'm thinking of applying to trader joe's and if I get the job I think that's a sign from the universe that i should dye my hair pink like I've been wanting.

tomorrow is exciting because the new kingdom hearts game ships out to me yayyyy!!! I've never been more ready for anything in my life, there will be tears and sobs and I won't even be a normal functioning human being anymore. I don't think I get it until August 3rd though sigh.

another exciting thing about tomorrow is that 1842 and I are going to hollywood to go see JJAMZ perform but mostly to see Z Berg and maybe Ryan Ross but mostly Z Berg. Mmmmm, some things never change.

I still need to rearrange everything in my room to make it look like an actual functioning room one can relax in and not a black hole of stuff. Someday, I swear.

Registered for my school classes! I will be taking Exploring Color Photography with my older sister and Clothing Construction I. I'm finally going to learn how to sew!!! maybe someday I'll be as cool/fabulous as I want to be. Never know until you get out there and try, right?

I really need to send out my disposable camera to get developed and also maybe shoot more with my cameras. Until then, here are some instagram photos

daily dealsCollapse )
16th-Jan-2010 03:41 pm - Analogue Camera Picspam
omahyra: booze
Analogue Cameras


a picspam of analogue cameras and the kinds of pictures they take. No photoshop involvedCollapse )

all polaroid pictures provided from www.polanoid.net
fuji instant film pictures provided from fuji instax flickr group
golden half 35mm pictures provided from golden half flickr group
all other cameras' pictures provided from www.lomography.com photos and the cameras' respective microsites
pictures of the actual camera found on google
25th-Nov-2009 12:17 am(no subject)
omahyra: booze
I know I'm not perfect. I make mistakes and I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

sorry for being a cunt. sorry for any hurt feelings. I know apologizing hardly means shit, but this is all I can give.

you don't have to accept my apology, or even talk to me. Just I hope you know I mean it.
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